Antonio Nguyen

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I was born in Vietnam. My interest in technology makes me have a passion for it. In 2018, I started to travel to Lanzarote, Spain. It is a beautiful, sunny island. I live there until now. I love this island as well as the country of Spain. I feel part of the culture here. Like I am the child of this island. I love life here. Peace, happiness, not having to think too much.

Because of my love for this island and the country of Spain, I created the project to introduce tourism in this place. I like this job. It’s a big project for me, there’s a lot of work to be done. But you know, I love what I’m doing. That is the reason why I decided to build a authority site on my own. It was difficult at first, I didn’t know where to start. I take the course, learn it, do it and I get it. It is a project that begins a great deal. That was the precursor to AN Publisher was born.

Antonio Nguyen

AN Publisher's Co-Founder

Everything great is out of small things!


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